Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mohave County is prime location, great weather, and easy accessibility, many people are choosing to reside in Mohave County and commute to surrounding areas.

I passed through the area hundreds of time over the last couple of decades.  When I was ready to settle into home ownership Kingman was the first town that came to mind.

Mohave County has a warm, sunny climate that favors outdoor activity at all times of the year, with low humidity and perpetual sunny skies. This virtually smog-free, dry and hot climate creates a very desirable environment for the residents of the area.

My desk is strategically place by a window, where each morning I can watch the sun come up over the mountains. I do not live in one of the best neighborhoods, my home is modest, but I feel privileged to have this million-dollar Cerbat Mountain range and   Hualapai Mountains  which are a mountain range near Kingman, Arizona in Mohave County. "Hualapai" means "People of the tall Pines" in the Hualapai language.

Mohave County, Arizona, is home to a total of 293 mountain summits and peaks it will most likely take me the rest of my life to map them all, but I am up for the challenge.

Before I retire each evening, I walk out into the west side of my home where I can see another mountain where the sun sets. I have not learned the names of the mountains yet, but I do know no matter which direction I look there is mountain scenery. 

When darkness falls, the lights of Stockton Hill light up the base of the mountain and it looks like Christmas every night of the year. 

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