Bereaved Mother's Day -Susan L. Piccinino

Monday, January 18, 2016

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Please SHARE you might save someone. Dedicated to those struggling Addiction. Those who have died of an Overdose and the Loved ones left behind to Grieve the Loss of a life taken too soon to this horrible self inflicted Disease. When I created the video I knew it was going to be controversial. This was a great emotional undertaking. In 2014 I lost my grandson to a #heroin overdose. There are horrible stigma attached to ‪#‎overdose victims‬. Courts need to sentence ‪#‎addicts‬ to in-‪#‎treatment‬ and pay for it -not prison. Prison is not the cure. Our ‪#‎Government‬ needs some serious changes #1 get our Military home to protect our own borders and stop the import of Drugs from the Middle East and Asia. Stop the ‪#‎Cocaine‬ from Mexico and 2 seriously get a handle on the Hillbillies who are manufacturing ‪#‎Meth in right here in ‪#‎America‬. # Stop Doctors and dentist from Prescribing narcotics without Hospitalization. My Grandson is the last young man in the Video. He died Too Young, he died before he really lived and left behind a two Sons now fatherless.Thank you for watching & Thank you to all who participated in making this Video Posible Join Us at Community Signs and Messages from our Departed Loved Ones…/ #heroin ‪#‎overdose‬ ‪#‎drugs‬ ‪#‎addiction‬ ‪#‎recovery‬ ‪#‎prescriptions‬ ..